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ADODB_borland_ibase Class Reference

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Public Member Functions

 _BlobDecode ($blob)
 _close ()
 _connect ($argHostname, $argUsername, $argPassword, $argDatabasename, $persist=false)
 _ConvertFieldType (&$fld, $ftype, $flen, $fscale, $fsubtype, $fprecision, $dialect3)
_Execute ($sql, $inputarr=false)
 _handleerror ()
 _pconnect ($argHostname, $argUsername, $argPassword, $argDatabasename)
 _query ($sql, $iarr=false)
 ADODB_borland_ibase ()
 ADODB_ibase ()
 BeginTrans ()
 BlobDecode ($blob)
 BlobEncode ($blob)
 CommitTrans ($ok=true)
 CreateSequence ($seqname, $startID=1)
 DropSequence ($seqname)
 ErrorMsg ()
 ErrorNo ()
 GenID ($seqname='adodbseq', $startID=1)
MetaColumns ($table)
MetaIndexes ($table, $primary=FALSE, $owner=false)
 MetaPrimaryKeys ($table, $owner_notused=false, $internalKey=false)
 OldUpdateBlob ($table, $column, $val, $where, $blobtype='BLOB')
 Prepare ($sql)
 RollbackTrans ()
 RowLock ($tables, $where, $col)
 SelectDB ($dbName)
SelectLimit ($sql, $nrows=-1, $offset=-1, $inputarr=false, $secs2cache=0)
 ServerInfo ()
 SQLDate ($fmt, $col=false)
 UpdateBlob ($table, $column, $val, $where, $blobtype='BLOB')
 UpdateBlobFile ($table, $column, $path, $where, $blobtype='BLOB')

Public Attributes

 $_bindInputArray = true
 $ansiOuter = true
 $blobEncodeType = 'C'
 $buffers = 0
 $concat_operator = '||'
 $databaseType = "borland_ibase"
 $dataProvider = "ibase"
 $dialect = 1
 $fmtDate = "'Y-m-d'"
 $fmtTimeStamp = "'Y-m-d, H:i:s'"
 $hasAffectedRows = false
 $hasGenID = true
 $ibase_datefmt = '%Y-%m-%d'
 $ibase_timefmt = "%H:%M:%S"
 $ibase_timestampfmt = "%Y-%m-%d %H:%M:%S"
 $metaColumnsSQL = "select a.rdb\$field_name, a.rdb\$null_flag, a.rdb\$default_source, b.rdb\$field_length, b.rdb\$field_scale, b.rdb\$field_sub_type, b.rdb\$field_precision, b.rdb\$field_type from rdb\$relation_fields a, rdb\$fields b where a.rdb\$field_source = b.rdb\$field_name and a.rdb\$relation_name = '%s' order by a.rdb\$field_position asc"
 $metaTablesSQL = "select rdb\$relation_name from rdb\$relations where rdb\$relation_name not like 'RDB\$%'"
 $poorAffectedRows = true
 $replaceQuote = "''"
 $sysDate = "cast('TODAY' as timestamp)"
 $sysTimeStamp = "cast('NOW' as timestamp)"

Detailed Description

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