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ADODB2_firebird15 Class Reference

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Public Member Functions

 _CreateSuffix ($fname, $ftype, $fnotnull, $fdefault, $fautoinc, $fconstraint, $funsigned)
 _CreateSuffix ($fname, $ftype, $fnotnull, $fdefault, $fautoinc, $fconstraint)
 _DropAutoIncrement ($t)
 _GenFields ($flds, $widespacing=false)
 _GetSize ($ftype, $ty, $fsize, $fprec)
 _IndexSQL ($idxname, $tabname, $flds, $idxoptions)
 _Options ($opts)
 _TableSQL ($tabname, $lines, $pkey, $tableoptions)
 _Triggers ($tabname, $tableoptions)
 ActualType ($meta)
 AddColumnSQL ($tabname, $flds)
 AlterColumnSQL ($tabname, $flds, $tableflds='', $tableoptions='')
 ChangeTableSQL ($tablename, $flds, $tableoptions=false)
 CreateDatabase ($dbname, $options=false)
 CreateIndexSQL ($idxname, $tabname, $flds, $idxoptions=false)
 CreateTableSQL ($tabname, $flds, $tableoptions=false)
 DropColumnSQL ($tabname, $flds, $tableflds='', $tableoptions='')
 DropIndexSQL ($idxname, $tabname=NULL)
 DropTableSQL ($tabname)
 ExecuteSQLArray ($sql, $continueOnError=true)
 GetCommentSQL ($table, $col)
 in other words, we use a text area for editting.
MetaColumns ($tab, $upper=true, $schema=false)
MetaIndexes ($table, $primary=false, $owner=false)
MetaPrimaryKeys ($tab, $owner=false, $intkey=false)
MetaTables ()
 MetaType ($t, $len=-1, $fieldobj=false)
 NameQuote ($name=NULL)
 RenameColumnSQL ($tabname, $oldcolumn, $newcolumn, $flds='')
 RenameTableSQL ($tabname, $newname)
 SetCommentSQL ($table, $col, $cmt)
 SetSchema ($schema)
 TableName ($name)

Public Attributes

 $addCol = ' ADD'
 $alterCol = ' ALTER COLUMN'
 $autoIncrement = false
 $blobSize = 40000
 $databaseType = 'firebird15'
 $debug = false
 $dropCol = ' DROP COLUMN'
 $dropIndex = 'DROP INDEX %s'
 $dropTable = 'DROP TABLE %s'
 $invalidResizeTypes4 = array('CLOB','BLOB','TEXT','DATE','TIME')
 $nameRegex = '\w'
 $renameColumn = 'ALTER TABLE %s RENAME COLUMN %s TO %s'
 $renameTable = 'RENAME TABLE %s TO %s'
 $schema = false
 $seqField = false
 $seqPrefix = 'gen_'
 $serverInfo = array()

Detailed Description

V4.54 5 Nov 2004 (c) 2000-2004 John Lim (jlim@natsoft.com.my). All rights reserved. Released under both BSD license and Lesser GPL library license. Whenever there is any discrepancy between the two licenses, the BSD license will take precedence.

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